Lakshmi’s Footprints and Paisley Patterns

Perspectives on Scoto-Indian Literary and Cultural Interrelationships 
(London: Routledge, 2024)

A unique collection of essays that comprehensively discusses the nature of interrelationship of India and Scotland spread over the last two centuries. In this stimulating volume, the editors, Professors Fraser and Bandyopadhyay have gathered a fascinating range of studies, focusing on the last two centuries, of aspects of the interrelationship of India and Scotland. In so doing, they and their contributors offer refreshing insights into the relationship of both nations. These insights move substantially beyond straightforward examinations of colonial and post-colonial history and into a variety of fresh areas and angles of study. They open up issues of exchange and interaction, questions of literary, cultural, religious and even economic and legal influences, parallels and reactions. They explore large questions of the assimilation in both directions of cultural production between both nations.


The book covers areas such as nature writing with an emphasis on Alexander Hamilton and Patrick Geddes, role of the formative history of Scottish Churches College, Disruption Movement in Scotland and Calcutta, rise of surveillance literature, dichotomy of Homeland and Hostland in transnational colonial and postcolonial poetry of Scotland and India, Vidyasagar and Scottish transactions, Scottish missionary movement in Kalimpong, the impact of the Scottish Disruption in India, Scottish war literature and the interface of Scottish and Indian legal systems.